About Us

hantariklan.com is a modern online free classified website design tool that assists advertisers to advertise their products and services more easily, quickly and efficiently. The hantariklan.com has been designed by taking into account the various backgrounds of advertisers. All of them will need guidelines on how to use mauiklan.my to advertise their products or services. They can easily explore for themselves these interactive design and info guidelines from hantariklan.com. The system will update frequently to improve and adapt its current hardware and software platform architecture.

The system is also paperless, so that advertisers will not need to use paper to advertise their products or services. All can be done in a finger click. The hantariklan.com is also being developed to encourage advertisers using an online platform to perform their advertising tasks. Currently there is a need for them to understand and be aware about ICT technology as applied or used as a replacement for conventional advertising tasks done manually.

Benefit to users

hantariklan.com is deployed to give more, easier ways for users to search and find ads which they are looking for. With a huge number of ads in hantariklan.com database covering different categories and sub-categories, it allows users to be more flexible in choosing the ads they like. Using the search feature, they just enter a keyword to find ads. In only a few seconds they can see a list of ads appear on the screen, and they can simply choose the ad they want. No more time is needed to find what are they are looking for. In addition, they can also use hantariklan.com anywhere and anytime. The platform used in hantariklan.com is easy to follow. It looks simple and well structured. Useful information is provided for them at the bottom of the page. They can click any link they want. The information guidelines are presented clearly and understandably. All the tasks are much easier and safer more of the time for users when they use hantariklan.com.

Benefit to advertisers

hantariklan.com provides interesting features for advertisers who want to sell their products online. They can sell their products by filling out the online product form. They must register the account prior to getting access to every feature in hantariklan.com. They can also manage their product and profile easily and faster due to the interactive dashboard panel that is auto-created for them, which lets them manage their product and profile. hantariklan.com also has a special feature that lets sellers link a product that they already sell to another famous shopping cart system, such as eBay, Lazada, Shopee, Zalora, etc. This means that a product added to hantariklan.com is also linked to other websites. This helps advertise a product locally as well as globally. hantariklan.com also provides buyers with a product demo/video, which allows them to look at the product closely before contacting the advertiser and buying it. You must try and see the interesting features offered to you.

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